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By Kirsty Hunt, Managing Director

One of my jobs is working with Cat, our evaluation specialist, to provide clients with detailed reports on the impact that our work is having on their business.


I’ve just completed a six month review of the agency’s results so far this year …. the stats made even me go “WOW” this is amazing (and my team will tell you I have high expectations).


Some of the highlights from the past six months for me are:

The clear impact increased awareness has had for our wallpaper client. In the past six months we’ve achieved 260 pieces of coverage for them in some really influential media titles such as The Times, The Metro, Ideal Home and House Beautiful – to name just a few. We’ve reached an audience of more than 13.5m – and the cost to reach 1000 people? Just 62 pence (the ROI delivered is a whopping 189 times the fee) 


Since our ongoing monthly PR programme has been running, direct search traffic has increased by 102%. The client hasn’t done any other activity that will deliver such a big change. He knows that people are seeing the brand name and URL and typing it straight in to Google. What’s more revenue from direct search traffic is up by 72%.

  And it’s not just direct traffic that we’ve increased. 73 articles are now online generated by our media relations activity. The media sites that they’re appearing on have really high domain authorities – some as high as 90. The online coverage – whether it’s got a link or not (56 pieces have) – is a signal to Google that the site is trustworthy and increases its organic search ranking.

Organic search traffic is up 206% and this has driven a revenue growth of 74%. 44% of all traffic to the site is organic traffic. Conversely paid traffic is down 10%.

The brand appears on the first two pages of Google for some key words – all that have appeared since the online media articles have been generated.

It’s been a similar success story across all our clients so far this year – we’ve shown significant positive impact on traffic; one of our clients reported their best day of online sales EVER following a piece of coverage in the Daily Mail and Mail Online – directly attributable to the PR alone – and our social campaigns have all organically grown audiences now actively engaging with posts.

If you’d like more detail on our successful PR and social media / blog management programmes please get in touch. I like coffee and wine – so if it’s just an informal chat at this stage that’s fine.


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